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What Parents Are Saying About-
BABES & TOTS Home Child Care
Rose does a great job providing a structured yet fun environment for the children.  The kids are able to learn a preschool curriculum and are also given plenty of play time.  Rose is able to provide one-on-one attention with the kids.
Both of our boys have thrived in her home daycare environment and I am very happy with the care they are providedRose's daycare is like a home away from home.
I can not believe the time has come - an end of an era - 10 years!  We just want to thank you very much for everything you have done for us.  You have played such an important role in the boys' lives.  I'm sure they will always have fond memories of the time they spent with "Miss Rose."  Keep doing what you're doing!
Lisa & Dave   (sons)
Rose always answers the door with a smile on her face and always greets my child in a positive wayRose is "top notch" when it comes to organizational skills and finding the right programs for the kids.  The biggest indicator is watching my child role play her day care experience at home.  She would always talk to her "dolls" in a very nurturing way.
Janelle  (daughter)
Rose is very organized and structured.  Her food program is wonderful.  My son has learned to try new foods.  Miss Rose takes pride in her work and does a great job!  We were very lucky to have found her!  My son's Kindergarten teacher was very impressed with how well he knew all of his letters.  He was ahead of others in his class.  Rose does a great jobpreparing kids for school.
Mary (son)
Rose isextremely organized, and she has developed a well-run daycare program.  She is thorough and reliable.  Her communications to home are very explicit, and you feel that you know what your child did all day
Trish (daughter)
Rose is wonderful with the children.  They have learned and developed a lot from her.  My daughter always looks forward to her days there.  The food program is great.  They eat more of a variety of foods for Miss Rose than they do at homeThey are more willing to try new things.  They have both become much more independent since coming to her daycare.  Word's can not express how greatful we are for all you have done.  You mean the world to my kids!  Thank You for being their 2nd Mom.
Lori (children)
Rose's attitude is nurturning and she applies the basics for kids to learn while they think they are playingThe house is set up for kids.  Open area with plenty of room.  She also has an area with tons of toys and books so my daughter enjoys Miss Rose and her environment.  My daughter says that the food is good also.
Jane (daughter)
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